When the red red robin goes blog, blog, bloggin’ along…

Hey hey! Am in the Guardian again already! Well, almost; the blog has a link from the Guardian blog site (if it’s gone from there already try the blog archive). And the blog has been blogged about on Jane Perrone’s horticultural blog . I’m beginning to feel a part of the blogging community – but am also slightly embarrassed as my main site is looking tired and out-of-date and all these new visitors might notice. Must do more housekeeping more often… The trouble with websites is that simply updating isn’t enough – there is always a desire to redesign or upgrade (must keep up with the virtual joneses) and that provides an excuse (for me at least) to delay updating until the redesign. I’ll shut up now and think about doing some website housekeeping…

But before I do, I’ve just found out that BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme covered the Tenbury Mistletoe Market today – and also a piece on a French importer at New Covent Garden Market in London. I contribute a bit (natch) too. To listen point your browser at the beeb and follow the links through to Radio 4 and You and Yours or go direct to the You and Yours page. If visiting today you’ll find it on the ‘listen again’ link – if later try the last 7 days link and pick Tuesday (not sure when they update this – might be whole weeks in which case ‘Tuesday’ might be last week until this weekend – if you see what I mean). The mistletoe item is from about 9.30 minutes through to 17.30 minutes.

Am tempted to comment on that poll about Tony Blair being voted the least likely to be kissed under the mistletoe, but won’t, as I need to go and write my Christmas Cards (and yes I always leave it this late – it isn’t Christmas yet and cards sent weeks beforehand seem to be missing the point…)

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