Ready and Steady (but a bit fidgetty)

Well, today saw the broadcast of that Mistletoe v Christmas tree Ready Steady Cook on BBC2 television. I thought it went well, not least ‘cos I (well, Lesley Waters and I) won. Green Peppers forever!!

But it was a bit trying watching it. I’ve done TV before but not like this. My TV work as an environmental rep for British Waterways or as a mistletoe expert chap has largely been short interviews for news or magazine programmes – and usually on site. A few studio experiences but only behind a news counter.

R S Cook is totally different – a live audience, fixed format, fixed timetable (that 20 minutes cooking time is real). But I did have the sexier subject (you can’t kiss under a Christmas tree) and the more appealing food bag (can’t go wrong with chocolate and whisky) so I did perhaps have an unfair advantage. Sorry Stephen (a reminder – you can buy Stephen’s Christmas trees online here and mistletoe online here).

I seem to be fidgetting a lot. That Ainsley Harriot got a bit friendly at times – but why not camp it up for the cameras??? (actually already geting a lot of stick on this from friends and colleagues – might take some time to live this one down)

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