In the Guardian again… and up another tree…

Good mistletoe feature covering all the Tenbury Wells mistletoe issues today – you can read it by clicking here. Refreshingly accurate on most points – and not too scare-mongering. Thank you Paul Kingsnorth. Beats a lot of other mistletoe coverage (though the Independent faeture on 5th? December was good too).

And then yes its back to Tenbury again to go up a ladder for some more pics! Andrew Fox, a freelancer who’s already covered the mistletoe and druids for the Times, and who also took the mistletoe auction pic that accompanies today’s Guardian feature, is back again for the Times.

So it’s up a tree again for me. Overcast but bright – and some good pics – at least we think so. Watch out for a pic in the Times over the next couple of days…

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