Mistletoe Plans 2006

Seems a long time since Christmas already – but mistletoe business is looming again already.

The TEME mistletoe initiative had a review meeting this week – with outline planning already for Christmas 2006 but also new immedaite ideas – including a Valentine’s Day mistletoe gift initiative and marketing of a new ‘grow-your-own’ mistletoe kit. Details of both on the TEME website. Exact details and prices not quite worked out yet but will be soon…

Meanwhile I’m reviewing what needs to be done in London this season – where the London Biodiversity Plan is encouraging establishment of new mistletoe populations. February and March are the best planting season – and a meeting has just been arranged later this month to plan activities this season. It’ll be at Kew, where some new mistletoe plants have already been established.

More on this, and other mistletoe plantings, in due course.

Happy New Year!!

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