American_mistletoe Mistletoe harvesting in the US is somewhat different.  They have a totally different mistletoe for a start.  There are several different types of mistletoe in the US – but only the Phoradendron species tend to be used at Christmas. 


As you’ll see from the pic, they are significantly different from the chunky, forked branched, paired leaved and pearly-berried European mistletoe.  They’re not even particularly attractive plants – ours is much better!





These plants aren’t as convenient as ours – they don’t frequent apple trees.  No, these tend to only grow in much larger trees, making harvesting rather difficult.  There seems to be a tradition of sending small boys up trees to fetch mistletoe down – this is an old pic from the South (I assume) but this practice still continues, though now it is cunningly marketed as ‘scouts raising money’.


The only other way is to shoot it down – a technique virtually unknown anywhere else in the world – but this is the gun-totin’ USA so it isn’t surprising.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at Wes Bennett’s demonstration in this video.

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