A long time since my last posting

A long time since my last posting – but I’ve been rather busy working on a non-mistletoe project, a book on canal natural history that the publishers want this spring. 


But it’s not been all quiet on the mistletoe front.  True, I’ve neglected a number of email enquiries, some dating from Christmas.  Apologies are due to Luke Argent, Sheila Allen, Tone Skajaa Rye, Barbara Gray, Janie Wilhelmus, Spooky Andrea, Tom & Hazel and several others who I’ve lost track of.  I may still reply – but you may have forgotten what your question was…


But there’s been a lot of activity with TEME with the mistletoe growing kit and in reviewing planting projects in London:


For TEME there was a considerable grow-kit order backlog from Christmas – and so Caroline and I have found ourselves helping create bulk quantities of the grow-kits – several hundred at once on occasion.  I would have put a pic of this exercise here – but can’t find the right CF card.


Wikispaces For the London mistletoe project  I realised we needed a better way of communicating progress, so have set up a wikispaces website for participants to use (wikispace websites are dedicated spaces for clubs, communities etc that allow easy editing by members).  I am not yet sure whether it’ll be taken up with enthusiasm, with regular contributions by all.  I rather suspect the info posted will be read and the digests appreciated but that most of the info will end up being posted by me…  Initial feedback confirms this – the site is already deemed useful, but no-one else has yet volunteered signed up to help edit… 

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