The media – mistletoe-mad as usual

Mistletoe and media are linking well as usual – enquiries from the monthlies have been coming in since August, at both national and local level, with many requesting news about Tenbury Wells, the Mistletoe Festival and the Auctions.  Most want pictures from last year and details for this year.   

Now, since I am publicity officer for the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival this is all very satisfying, though I find that continuing problems in determining the exact festival programme (due to funding concerns) has been a bit of a problem – everyone wants to know exactly what is planned – and vague assurances are not good for promotion… 

BBC TV have been showing an interest too – with the usual caveats about not being quite sure whether they’ll run with the story.  Songs of Praise, the Sunday evening show, were interested for a while, for a programme based on Christmas traditions.  I discussed this with their researcher, met with the producer, warned/warmed up the other interviewees they wanted (Tenbury’s mistletoe-man Stan Yapp, Mistletoe-auctioneer Nick Champion and me) and even discussed it with the vicar (in passing whilst talking about this year’s druidic rite – more of that later).  But, media being media, we’ve been unceremoniously dropped from the programme schedule.  I don’t really mind, I know how these things work, but others may not – which is why I do mind a bit about the next story…

Img_0369_2  Loyal mistletoe-blog readers (are there any?) may recall that I did a Christmas Ready Steady Cook (BBC competitive cooking programme) promoting mistletoe back in 2005 (check the pic, and I won! – if you’re really curious read the original blog).  So I was surprised to be approached again this season.  The plan this time, after a bit of discussion, was to have the new Mistletoe Queen and friends in the audience, in costume, to help with the Quickie Bag section at the end of the show.  No promises made, as usual, as this is the media, but a strong likelihood of success so I go to some trouble to sort this out with Tenbury High School (whose head-girl becomes the Mistletoe Queen), and with the Mistletoe Queen’s mum.  The filming schedule was very tight, with only 2 weeks notice – becoming less than one week by the time everyone had been briefed, costumes had been tried out etc.  And then the show cancels – we’ve been edged out by some other Christmassy theme… 

A great disappointment for the girls involved.  Though I know that’s the way the media work, the High School students didn’t, and I am annoyed, as I feel like it’s me letting them down.  I must find another TV show for them…

Meanwhile, back in magazine-land, do make sure you buy the December (or possible the January) Oldie where you’ll find I’ve written their ‘Anorak’ column.  You can probably guess what that’s about…

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