First Mistletoe Auction Soon…

The weekend of the 24th/25th November – and the start of the mistletoe trading season.  Newspaper coverage already in a small way – the Saturday editions of both the Telegraph and the Guardian carry pictures of Stan Yapp, Tenbury Wells’ Mistletoe Man, doing his harvesting for delivery to the Tuesday auctions.

The Guardian pic is nicely enigmatic – a close-up of Stan’s jacket lapels and a top pocket full of mistletoe.  No evidence that it is actually Stan – though he assures me on the phone that it is.  There’s no story, just a caption about Stan as the Mistletoe King – which he finds a bit embarrassing!  It’s not on the Guardian online, so can’t do a link – maybe I’ll upload a Stan scan later…

The Telegraph piece is also very short, but falls back on the old (yawn) stand-by of Stan on a ladder against a tree holding mistletoe – these pictures appear EVERY YEAR!!  Perhaps the Guardian was quite bright to use the close-up – at least it’s different!   See the Telegraph piece here…

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