Mistletoe trivia for today

Been v busy with mistletoe matters, mistletoe media etc last few days (and weeks) and so a bit busy for blogging (and replying to emails, apols if you've sent in a mistletoe query recently and it's not been answered yet – will get around to it soon…).

So am just reporting on a couple of mistletoe trivia points today.

Tasteful trivia:  Harlow Carr, the Royal Horticultural Society's garden in Yorkshire, has just taken delivery of a mistletoe sculpture.  Made by Steve Blaylock, a metal sculptor who's done work with the RHS before (at Chelsea), the installation is described as a giant stainless steel Mistletoe bush.  Sounds impressive – I'll try and get a pic to add here… 

(oddly enough, whilst visiting Harlow Carr in summer 2007, we noticed they had a new 'winter walk' of winter plants but no indication of any intention to grow mistletoe, a classic winter plant.  Perhaps I should send them some seeds in February? But I may also have to show them how to grow it – the official RHS guidance on how to grow mistletoe is rather naive and inaccurate – they picture seeds being planted on a main trunk (it really only works on young branches) and persist in that old wives tale about cutting flaps in the bark (unnecessary and counterproductive).  Perhaps they should stick with the stainless steel version, or perhaps I should try harder to communicate with them?)

Less tasteful trivia:  I'm told that the recently released Four Christmasses movie, a comedy about a couple who are forced, for the first time in years, to spend time with their 4 parental families (both have divorced parents) uses the word Mistletoe quite a lot. But only as a codeword for exiting uncomfortable or awkward situations with embarrassing relations/inlaws. I just hope it doesn't set a trend…

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