Mistletoe Events for Nov/Dec 2009

Newauctiosite1 Events listings for 2009 are now on the Mistletoe Pages website. 

Principal public events are, as usual, the Mistletoe Auctions at Tenbury Wells (Tuesdays 24th November. 1st December and 8th December) and the wider Tenbury Mistletoe Festival – whose main activities take place on Saturday 5th December – aka National Mistletoe Day.

Plus the Druids' Mistletoe Foundation events and a few activities that I'm organising.  I won't list all the details here – go to the Mistletoe Pages Events list for more info. 

And also check out the Auctions website, the Mistletoe Foundation website and the Festival website.  Note that the 2009 Mistletoe Festival is being organised by the Tenbury Events Committee and so final details may not be available on the old Festival website.

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