Is this the most over-priced mistletoe on the web?

Have just been reviewing online mistletoe sellers – to see what's on offer this season.

Usual suspects – TEME in Tenbury (the original online mistletoe sellers, in whom I have to declare an interest), InterRose in Suffolk (who buy from the Tenbury Auctions) plus some Ebay sellers.  So far, so very similar to previous years.

But one of the Ebay sellers caught my attention more than the others – initially because they are using two of my photos, nicked (without acknowledgement) from the TEME website.  And then, on closer inspection, it was the price that drew me in.  One of their lots is a Buy-it-Now at £119.0, plus 10.99 shipping, just for a natural bough of mistletoe.  That's amazing.  Who (if anyone) would buy online at that price?  And if they do, will they send me my cut, as it'll be my picture wot sold it?

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