New Mistletoe book…

This season we’re having a new ‘umbrella’ website to cover mistletoe sales,mistletoe products and consultancy – and it’s running a little behind schedule.  But the bare bones are now online – and you can visit it already at You’ll see it still needs some work done.  Changes to the TEME Mistletoe website and the old Mistletoe Design websites will follow soon too.

But that’s not very exciting.

What is exciting (at least to me!) is that the new mistletoe book I’ve been working on, on and off, this summer, is finally looking complete.  You’ll find preliminary details here.

Availability won’t be until November, but the website ordering facility (which will be here) should be online before that…

A collage of a few sample pages below:

Druid Mistletoe Events 2010

Some more brief news on this season’s mistletoe events.

The Mistletoe Foundation, a Druid organisation, will be coming along to the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival again this year.

The date will be Saturday 4th December (Mistletoe Day).  The programme will be similar to last year – with a procession starting from the Rose and Crown, Burford (just across the river from Tenbury itself) at midday, and progressing from there to the Burgage (Tenbury’s Park) by the River Teme, where there will be a Mistletoe Blessing and honouring of the Land and River.

For more details on the Mistletoe Foundation have a look at their website.  And to get involved, or to follow progress on the druid events in Tenbury take a look at the Mistletoe Foundation’s Facebook page.

That’s all for now – more news on the wider Mistletoe Festival due soon.

Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auctions 2010

Dates for the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Sales in 2010 are:

Tuesday, 30th November

Tuesday, 7th December

Tuesday, 14th December


All starting at 10.00ish, though usually it’s holly sales first, with mistletoe later.  Stock will, as usual, be arriving the day before.


To be confirmed

All will be at the out-of-town location near the village of Little Hereford, a few miles west of Tenbury Wells, off the Ludlow Road.

See the map below for guidance. UPDATE OCTOBER  – Nick Champion’s  auctions will not at Little Hereford – and may be coming back into Tenbury – more updates on this soon…

More information at Nick Champion’s website – sellers click here, buyers click here.


Want to know about prices?

For details on last year’s auction prices see the reports here and here.

Looking for news on the Mistletoe Festival?

News on the wider Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival will be available soon.

wwwhat a palaver & do you need a mistletoe domain name?

Mistletoe in basketJust been reviewing all the updates that need to be done to bring last year’s mistletoe websites into the 2010/11 season.

And finding out that I’d forgotten the site set-up – took me ages to work out why just revising  and uploading a library file  in Dreamweaver isn’t enough – it wants all the associated files ‘updated’ too, and then all of those re-saved and re-uploaded.  What a palaver.

Anyway, this brings me neatly to the somewhat anoraky subject of mistletoe website domain names – of which there are many, not all of them actually associated with mistletoe.   Many are, rather sadly, unused, except as parked sites with advertising; check out the stunningly unexciting (not to be confused with my own or the not quite there yet

The real ‘working’ mistletoe sites are mostly more specific – like or, both sites promoting fresh English mistletoe and grow-kits online.  Or, another site selling English mistletoe.     Not forgetting the concisely-named, Nick Wheeldon’s Lincolnshire-based site selling grow-kits.  [There are similar sites over in North America too – a classic is, which is now associated with]

Do you need a mistletoe domain name?

I was reminded of all these earlier today when I was approached, via the Teme mistletoe site, by someone selling – currently a parked site, bought as an investment.  He’s hoping to attract a buyer running a mistletoe ‘farm’ and was initially looking for about £1500.  I pointed out, gently I hope, that mistletoe isn’t really a big earner, and most mistletoe suppliers in the UK would think themselves lucky if they earned £100’s each season – so spending £1500 on a domain name would be unlikely.   And also, of course, that there aren’t really any ‘Mistletoe Farmers’ – it’s just a by-product of neglected apple orchards.  [Though not a lot of people seem to know that –  every season I have to field media requests for a ‘Mistletoe Farmer’ – and even when I explain they still want to interview/photograph/film/feature one – never quite grasping the naiveté of their request.  This inevitably leads, quite often, to the invention of one, just for the day…]

Anyway, if anyone reading this is interested in buying you’ll find all the details on Ebay (starting at £199) here, or  at the Sedo broker site here.

The main domain I’ve been based with over many years is, supplemented by the Teme Mistletoe websites and the oddly-named, which I’ve been using as a basic promotional site (though I’ve never liked the mistletoe-r-us name – can’t recall exactly why I created it!).   A lot of this is likely to change this season, as I’m reducing my involvement with Teme, planning a major revamp of the consultancy site and a new promotional site on mistletoe sales.

Early days yet – but the new promo site will be at (live already, but not a lot there yet) and the new consultancy site will probably be at /mistletoe – but all you’ll get there at present is “Ce nom de domaine n’est pas disponible” – which is French for don’t bother looking at this website yet.