“Where do you get yours?” results so far

Have you taken part in the Mistletoe: Where do you get yours?  Questionnaire?  Why not?  It’s gathering data on where we (in Britain) buy our mistletoe, and how we use it, to help assess attitudes towards the British crop and to start to get some real figures on how it is used.

You can take part via www.british.mistletoe.org.uk

Here are the results so far – sample size is still small (under 100), so these can only be seen as very provisional – I hope we’ll have a lot more data in a week or two.

And we’ve only had a handful of answers to question 12 (the one about what else do you do with your mistletoe) so far – though those answers are very interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to SurveyPirate for hosting this survey.

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