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A wander around in the nucleus of mistletoe country

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Berkeley Power Station, the UK’s first commercial nuclear power plant, sits on the edge of the River Severn in Gloucestershire. Opened in 1962 and closed in 1989 it still dominates the area, though it is now in advanced stages of decommission. And it is surrounded by mistletoe, as this is the nucleus (geddit??) of UK mistletoe country. Its sister Oldbury (operating 1967-2012, famous for featuring in Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who episodes) is visible a little […]

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Mistletoe Diary 2017 season

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Not long now until the first mistletoe trading of the season and yes, the plants are looking good yet again!  That’s several years in a row now. Perhaps a bit more variable this season but here are some quick snapshots (click to enlarge them) I took of mistletoe in my mother’s garden earlier today – good material, albeit a little out of reach. And some nicely offset by holly, though only a male tree so […]

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Tenbury’s Mistletoe Events 2017

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November already, and about time I started adding more to the blog.  So, to kick off, here’s a summary of the key mistletoey dates for Tenbury Wells this year: Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auctions 2017:  Tuesday 28th November Tuesday 5th December Tuesday 12th December Full details and downloads on how to buy or sell are on Nick Champion’s website here. Mistletoe Foundation Druid Ceremony 2017:   Will be on Saturday 2nd December at 14:00–15:00 at the Burgage, […]