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Mistletoe ‘crop’ 2018 – looking good, ripening early?

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Almost November, so time to look at how mistletoe is looking for Christmas this year. And, again (this is several years in a row now) it’s looking fairly good.  The female plants I’ve looked at are festooned with berries and it would seem we have yet another ‘bumper crop’. Of course it’s not a crop, not in the conventional sense of something grown for harvest, as most simply grows where it wants to and isn’t actively […]

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Some mistletoe events at Tenbury Wells 2018

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Tenbury is hosting its mistletoe auctions and festival again this year. Mistletoe Auction dates are: Tuesday 27th November Tuesday 4th December Tuesday 11th December All take place at Burford House Garden Stores, Burford, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8HQ and are organised by Nick Champion. Buyer information is downloadable here Seller information is downloadable here Registration documents are available here   Druid Mistletoe Ceremony is on Saturday 1st December This is organised by The Mistletoe Foundation who […]

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Plans for Mistletoe Diary winter 2018/9

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It’s that time again, again.  With my first mistletoe talk of the season tomorrow (18th Oct) I’m dusting down the Mistletoe Machine and planning what to say, do and report on this season. Current thoughts, for the blog this season, include: Reviewing the state of the ‘crop’ (though I never really go along with this ‘crop’ concept – which implies someone actually tends it!) Biodiversity news – reports on latest findings on mistletoe and conservation […]