2nd Mistletoe Auction 2006

Img_5079reductionAfter today’s Druidic ceremony the auction takes place as usual.  Not so much stock this time – perhaps sellers were put off by the ‘glut of mistletoe’ press stories and the large number of lots brought in last week.  Prices are likely to be higher today – a regular phenomenon of the second sale of the season. 

Here’s a trailer being loaded up after the sales.


Img_5067reductionThis chap, though small, seemed determined to buy very large mistletoe bundles.


The press are out in force – including Paul Bye, taking more footage for his River Teme video (see previous blogs).  The Daily Express have sent a photographer – for the Druids, the Auction and for me (more on that next week). 

Central TV are also here – and I’m told later in the day that they broadcast an interview with me – which is odd, as they didn’t film one.  Either my informant is wrong or they used old footage from last year…




Img_5069reductionWillem and Karin, the mistletoe enthusiasts (well, Willem, maybe not Karin) from the Netherlands are still in town, and Willem is determined to buy some mistletoe at the auction.  But it’s not an easy auction to get into if you’re not used to it, and he loses the first couple of lots he’d chosen.  Persistence pays off through – here they are with the two bundles they won.


Img_5077reduction And here’s Charlie, the auction nightwatchman, and daytime parking attendant, recently described in the Daily Telegraph as a ‘fearsome-looking fellow’.  I’ll leave you to judge.

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