If ancient druids had fitted sheets that’s what they would have used…

Another Saturday in December, another druid mistletoe ritual. This time it’s in Gloucestershire, in Arlingham, which is that funny shaped peninsula in the lower Severn that shows up clearly on national maps.  We use it to pinpoint ourselves in the BBC weather forecasts, as we live immediately east of it. Today’s event was  low-key compared … Continue reading If ancient druids had fitted sheets that’s what they would have used…

Druids, mistletoe and harvesting

Am off to see another druid mistletoe ritual harvest tomorrow – alongside some more conventional harvesting that I’m doing in the same orchard. It would be a little disrespectful to do both at the same time – as the druid custom insists that the mistletoe mustn’t touch the ground whilst for practical reasons a normal … Continue reading Druids, mistletoe and harvesting

Some mistletoe events at Tenbury Wells 2018

Tenbury is hosting its mistletoe auctions and festival again this year. Mistletoe Auction dates are: Tuesday 27th November Tuesday 4th December Tuesday 11th December All take place at Burford House Garden Stores, Burford, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8HQ and are organised by Nick Champion. Buyer information is downloadable here Seller information is downloadable here Registration documents … Continue reading Some mistletoe events at Tenbury Wells 2018

All Mistletoe’s Eve?

All Hallows’ Eve, and the mistletoe is ripening… Not that it’s got anything to do with Halloween of course, other than being a mysterious plant, a symbol of pagan tradition and a portent of the dark winter months. Which is, I s‘pose, quite a lot. But with November dawning tomorrow we’ll soon be right back … Continue reading All Mistletoe’s Eve?

Mistletoe ceremony 8th December

Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and Don’t-Knows assembled yesterday for a reassuring mistletoe ceremony in the Severn Vale. The gods (you decide which ones) were kind to us – the weather was beautiful, and only slightly chilly. I’m posting a few pics of the preparations here. There are none of the actual ceremony (as we were all taking … Continue reading Mistletoe ceremony 8th December

More from Mistletoe Day 2012 at Tenbury Wells

A few more pictures from Tenbury on Saturday, where National Mistletoe Day was celebrated with mistletoe drama, druids, brides, queens and princes.  And the sun shone! (probably something to do with the druids…) These are just a few pictures as a slide show – excluding those I posted on Saturday evening showing Jake throwing the … Continue reading More from Mistletoe Day 2012 at Tenbury Wells

Mistletoe Season – nearly there (again)

Late October, and those mistletoe berries are beginning to turn white, so it’s time for me to get blogging. Firstly, it’s worth saying a few things about this year’s mistletoe crop.  Indications so far, despite a few worries from a few growers some weeks ago, are that there are lots of berries this year, so we … Continue reading Mistletoe Season – nearly there (again)