A pint of Kiss Me Now to wash down that mouthful of Sticky Kiss

Several new ventures in Tenbury Wells this season, catalysed by the new Tenbury Mistletoe Association, who have taken on the running of the town’s Mistletoe Festival.

Recently announced delights include mistletoe-themed (though not mistletoe-flavoured*) beer and mistletoe bread.  Extracts from the news releases for both are summarised below.

The Special Edition  ‘Kiss Me Now’ beer has been brewed by Cleobury Mortimer-based Hobsons Brewery.  It will only be available on draught in 25 pubs, restaurants and theatres in the Tenbury Wells region, during December 2012.  The 4.2% abv Blond beer is brewed with Chinnock and Hersbrucker hops to give strong floral and citrus characteristics. No mistletoe was harmed during its manufacture.

And South Shropshire family bakers, Richard C Swift are baking two limited edition loaves during December, both flavoured with Hobsons new ‘Kiss Me Now’ beer.

The Sticky Kiss loaf is made with cranberries that are left to soak overnight in the beer. “Milk, honey and a light sugar dusting make this a very moist and rich bread; perfect for fruity cheeses, honey, with white wines, on its own or, for use in bread and butter pudding.”

The Mistletoe loaf is made with oats and barley with the dough left to soak overnight in the beer. This creates “a bold savoury loaf, perfect with strong cheeses, winter soups, stews and casseroles, or just dipped in flavoured oils”.

For every pint and loaf sold a donation will be made to Tenbury Mistletoe Association, to continue their work promoting Tenbury and its mistletoe traditions.

For full details have a look at the News Releases – Beer is here, and Loaves are here.




*If you want a truly mistletoe-flavoured drink you’ll have to stay teetotal, and content yourself with Mistletoe Tea.

You can buy that online here – it is, allegedly, excellent for relieving high blood pressure.

For more info on Mistletoe Tea try The Mistletoe Pages.