Blooming mistletoe…

It seems ages since the last mistletoe blog – but it's only two months…

Mistletoe activities have been ongoing throughout – but as most has been general backgroundy sort of stuff, it wasn't worth blogging about.

But since it is now flowering time I thought I should upload a few words and pics:

Britain's mistletoe flowers are not exactly stunning – 'small' and 'green' are the first adjectives that spring to mind.  But hey, they're one of the first signs of spring, if you bother to look. 

And they are actually insect pollinated – which is no mean feat for small green flowers in February.  The insects concerned are, perhaps not surprisingly, small black flies.  [I'll be saying more on other mistletoe insects later in the spring… (they are all small, but they're not all black)].

Anyway, here are some pics – the first is the female plant, with (very) small female flowers, the second is a male plant with the rather larger male flowers:

Femaleflowers Maleflowers