Boycie and rampaging plants

John_challis_aka_boycie_fundraiser_ A mistletoey evening with John Challis – aka Boycie of Only Fools and Horses and the Green Green Grass.  Though mistletoe was hardly mentioned, this was a fund-raiser for this year’s Mistletoe Festival – and John had come to Tenbury High School (for free) to entertain a paying audience with his reminiscences.   

A very entertaining and very interesting evening – and many thanks to John and the sponsors (Jen Green (Green Grass Promotions) and CTT Acoustics Ltd Ludlow)

It’s easy to forget what he did in the pre-Boycie years – but it turns out he has previous form for Coronation Street, Z-Cars and some of my favourite 1970s Dr Who episodes, the Seeds of Doom, the series with the rampaging plants. 

Which takes us nicely back to mistletoe…

(The pic show Mr Challis recalling his Doctor Who period, when he was attacked by a giant vegetable, forced into a lake, and then drowned by a malevolent pondweed.  Wonderful stuff!)