Breton mistletoe and wayside crosses

Time to wend our way gradually homewards, starting with Belle Isle-en-Terre, where we discovered this very interesting sports pavilion.

Further afield, en route to St Malo, we decided to take the scenic route and left the N176 at Jugon-les-Lacs. The countryside here is very different, lots of low rolling hills, and a lot less in the way of artichokes. And there’s mistletoe!! Here and there, not common, but where it occurs, it occurs in great quantity. Take a look at the pics!

A nice, but slightly mischievous angle catches my eye at some of these sites. The Breton wayside crosses abound, and I try getting cross and mistletoe together in the pic.

Naughty because the Church frowns on ‘pagan’ mistletoe . But nice because one mistletoe tradition tells how mistletoe was once a tree, whose wood was used to make the Cross.

As a penance mistletoe was reduced to the small tree parasite it is today. So perhaps the Cross and the mistletoe do go together.

Mistletoe is Lignum crucis…