Busy, busy, busy

Still v busy – lots of mistletoe stuff going on – mostly media and other enquiries – and too tired to report it all just now. Apols to those who’ve not yet had replies to emails.

Some recent headings below:

Newspaper coverage
Good mistletoe coverage in the Independent on Monday and in smaller article, mostly about plastic holly berries but with a pic of the druid blessing, in the Times on Wednesday.

Online orders
Lots of these coming into TEME – www.tenbury-mistletoe.co.uk – including some from abroad – seem to come in waves following media coverage – which isn’t surprising. Some bulk orders too.

TV coverage
Loadsa TV for the druids – GMTV on site all through their breakfast show (incl live national weather… again) plus regional TV, radio etc. Covered on regional TV BBC and ITV on Tuesday evening.

Radio coverage
Lots of this too – including requests from Canadian and New Zealand stations. Did BBC R4 Your and Yours prog today – you can hear it at the BBC listen again service – but it won’t be there for long…