Chocolate-flavoured kisses

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Well, here's the news on the Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses for 2009. They are still available as bars – which were described here, and compared to Hotel Chocolat's upmarket but vaguely similar product, last year.

But this season they've gone for a fancier version too. A bit OTT on the packaging perhaps, but nicely done (resting on my unripe mistletoe in this picture) - and as before actively promoting that kissing tradition. Except, of course, that they don't provide any mistletoe, just a representation on the packet.

Chocbox2 You might think I'd be disappointed by the picture on the packet, as it's not very accurate – and yes I am. It's the usual sloppy Christmassy artistic impression, placing berries between the leaves when they should be set in the stem axil below the leaves. A detail? Yes. But it's the botanical equivalent, to mistletoe fans, of writing Xmas instead of Christmas.

BUT, on opening the individually-wrapped sweeties all is forgiven! For there, embossed on each, is a miniature, but botanically accurate, portrayal of mistletoe.

Choc1 I took this pic to prove it, just before we ate them all.