Dark and frosty mistletoe, if out before 0500

Out early today to talk mistletoe with ITV Daybreak, at one of the Days Cottage orchards in Gloucestershire.  Daybreak were doing the morning weather live from here too – half-hourly updates, with the actual mistletoe interview for just a couple of mins halfway through the programme.  Have done this (helped with early morning TV weather) at other times/other years but not actually in an orchard before (usually at the mistletoe auctions) so it was a bit of a shock to realise just how dark it is at 0500 – kept walking into fences until I remembered there was a torch in the car…

Quite a lot to set up for these OBs – presenter (Lucy Verasamy) plus OB satellite van and engineer, plus cameraman, plus soundman (each with their own vehicle), and for this one, Gary the Rigger, with his rather big generator truck (for lights).  Mostly travelling from London or beyond.  Just as well I knew the site fairly well  – getting that lot rounded up and into a field that they can get out of again (i.e. not get stuck) needs a bit of prep.

This pic is from MattJF’s (the cameraman) gallery at http://yfrog.com/j24uvxrj. It was, obviously, daylight by this time…


Went well, I think.  Weather was good (lovely clear starry skies on arrival) and weather forecasts, with huge chunk of mistletoe, were good too.  Second pic is from Lucy’s gallery here  http://yfrog.com/z/h09ajqvsj

Mistletoe interview good too – though not quite as smooth as I would have liked, not least as trying to fit so much in – the mistletoe celebrations in Worcestershire tomorrow (National Mistletoe Day, Tenbury Wells!) alongside the good crop/bad crop story – you know, the one about how the harvest is looking good this year, but that the outlook for future harvesting is looking ever bleak(er).

For enlightenment on the bleakness have a look at www.british.mistletoe.org.uk or download the info sheet (link being added later…)

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