Druids, mistletoe and harvesting

Am off to see another druid mistletoe ritual harvest tomorrow – alongside some more conventional harvesting that I’m doing in the same orchard.

It would be a little disrespectful to do both at the same time – as the druid custom insists that the mistletoe mustn’t touch the ground whilst for practical reasons a normal harvest just piles it up on the ground.

So, to avoid the prospect of a great pile of mistletoe ‘leaching away its magic’ into the ground next to the ceremony I think we’ll try and work in the orchard next door, or stagger the timing.

The pic here was taken at the druidic harvest last Saturday, gathering the mistletoe used at the multi-faith ceremony in Tenbury that afternoon.  It’s just one of a sequence of pictures by ‘WR15’ you can view at WR15’s flickr album.

WR15’s blog entry for the day is also worth a read as is viewing his Mistletoe Day video – linked below.

The drummers (Bang On) were new for this season – and they were very good indeed – but they do tend to dominate the soundtrack a bit so the ceremonials are a little quiet in comparison.

If you want to know more about the event have a look at the Mistletoe Foundation website.