Druids and Mistletoe 2006

Img_5030reduction Tuesday 5th – and this year’s Druidic mistletoe blessing.  As before, Druids of the Mistletoe Foundation, plus local Druid groups, are attending the mistletoe auctions, before they begin, to bless the stock.




Img_5024reduction We have a better turn-out than last year, despite the early start on a cold morning.  Some have been travelling since 3.00am.  With the changed layout of the market stock I’ve had to move the location a bit (all sussed out yesterday afternoon) and we’re setting up the tripod, with mistletoe (that hasn’t touched the ground) between the Christmas trees and the mistletoe.  It’s a bit muddy underfoot, but druids don’t mind that.

Img_5031reduction My pewter mistletoe beaker (see previous blogs) is pressed into service as a Mistletoe Chalice, and used during the main ceremony.  River Teme water, to be sprinkled on the mistletoe auction stock afterwards, has to be stored in a more utilitarian vessel – a plastic water bottle in the centre of the circle.



Img_5052reductionEverything goes well, and is only slightly compromised by a Christian preacher from Droitwich, who’s turned up to tell the druids the error of their ways.  A nice enough chap, apart from his cheek in coming along, but he’s wasting his time here – not many people here, druid or not druid, have any time for the missionary approach, from whatever religion.  And the druids were invited, he wasn’t.  But he believes in his work, and is unlikely to be put off.







Img_1521reductionLater on the Druids run a story-telling and musical workshop, in the Old Fire Station building adjoining the Auction Yard.