We’ve discovered one reason why mistletoe isn’t so common at this end of Brittany – it’s just a little exposed in places. This pic shows the Pointe du Raz (you have to pronounce the ‘Ra’ bit in a sort of snarl to get it right). This is France’s answer to Land’s End (though not actually the most westerly point, that’s on the other jagged bit just to the north).

A long drive down to here – so long we began to wonder whether it was worth it – but yes, actually it was. Not least ‘cos it shows up how awful Land’s End is and what it could be with some tasteful tlc. Here at Pointe du Raz they’ve closed the road, demolished the old visitor centre, and built a new one set 500 metres or so inland. The car-park is landscaped with traditional walling. You can walk down to the point on the old trottoir, or on the coast path, or take the gas-powered bus. Very sensible, very in keeping, but probably very expensive to achieve… The visitor centre is suitably informative, though inevitably surrounded by souvenir and refreshment shops.

The point itself is, er… windy. As proved by Caroline, here displaying her new punk hairstyle.