Extra mistletoe source

A quick follow-up to Friday’s posting on Where DO you get yours, to cover some more online/mail-order British mistletoe stockists:

On Friday I said that “a few specialist websites, notably Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise (TEME), and InterMistletoe (who are Suffolk-based but sell Tenbury mistletoe)” can supply British Mistletoe.

Here are two more:  Firstly TemeWork,  who appear to be taking advantage of the TEME (see above) brand, but are, to be fair, just using a url and site name established 4 years ago for generic Teme Valley promotion. Two mistletoe packages in their range – one at £12, one at £50.  Might or might not be good value; they sell on box-size, not on quantity, and their pictures (one shown on left here) don’t show particularly full boxes!

But they have a good pedigree – the mistletoe is from Michael Adams, who’s been selling mistletoe for many years.

Another ‘new kid’ is RoCeCo, who have just one package (no information on quantity, just a ‘bunch’) at £3.95 plus 70p shipping.  They’re a bit mysterious though, as they claim “it is freshly cut to order” but they’re based in Angus, Scotland, where there is very little (definitely none in commercial quantities) mistletoe growing. Perhaps they’re being a bit economical with the actualité, or perhaps it’s despatched form the West Country?  As they’ve blatently nicked one of my pictures for their website, I’m inclined to suggest the first possibility.

As before then, if you want to be sure it’s British, and especially if you want it to be from Tenbury Wells, try Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise (TEME),  InterMistletoe or  TemeWork.

And, as before, if you can’t do that, or just want a new approach why not GROW YOUR OWN. It’ll take a few years to get established but once it’s established you’ll be self-sufficient.  You’ll need a suitable host tree of course.  For information on Mistletoe Grow-kits, and Grow-kit Vouchers for Christmas visit the English Mistletoe Shop.

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