Forget the mistletoe, have you seen the Artichokes?

In Brittany, on hols, but dabbling in mistletoe matters. As reported previously, we are intrigued by the absence of mistletoe in these parts, and the accompanying absence of the famous Breton orchards (vergers).

We investigate, largely using a method known as ‘cider-drinking’; this involves buying all the different brands of local cidre we can find, and, er, drinking them, whilst noting the address of the maker. We conclude that we’re still in the wrong part of Brittany – the cidre makers, and presumably their vergers, are more inland and mostly in the Val de Rance area.

There are a few orchards about, but these are small, and mistletoe-free. Stunning locations though – see pics of the Allee couverte du Montgau below. A typical Breton megalithic monument – set in a tiny orchard (but no mistletoe). The Monts d’Arree are in the background.

No matter, the local vegetation has other merits – there may be no mistletoe but there are acres and acres of cabbages, cauliflowers broccoli and artichokes – more on these in next posting.