It’s Christmas!!

Well, here we are, Christmas Day. Mistletoe season over for another 12 months (well, not really – am anticipating a lot of mistletoe activity with TEME for Feb/March – marketing mistletoe seeds etc – and also for the London Mistletoe Action Plan, also in Feb/March planting new mistletoe colonies.

But it seems like the beginning of a bit of a rest at least. Blog regulars may be disappointed not to have found that picture in the Times in the last few days – either I missed it or it wasn’t in – but no matter, there was good coverage in the Independent’s magazine yesterday (Christmas Eve) which covered the establishment of mistrletoe seedlings at Kew. This is all due to the work of a Kew student – Masaya Tatebayashi, who has been establishing a new mistletoe colony at Kew as part of the London Mistletoe work (see above).

Er, that’s all for now. Happy Christmas!!