Kiss and Tell in the English Garden

EngGarden2015thumbnailAnother year, and another slightly embarrassing (I never quite get used to them) profile of yours truly in the national press. This time in the English Garden magazine, a glossy monthly about, er, English Gardens and gardening.

I have been featured in this mag before, way back in 2006 when they published an article on mistletoe and mistletoe planting, in which I gave advice on planting techniques. This time it’s a profile in their ‘Garden Paths’ series, where they interview someone different each month.

EngGarden2015detailIt is actually a very neat little feature, written by Victoria Mason, based on words I wrote in answer to her questions, and illustrated with a photo by Anne-Marie Randall, from a photo-shoot she did with me last winter.

I’ve got a very odd expression on my face though, as if I’m cross, or really concentrating on something.

Probably on not going cross-eyed, which I do sometimes in photo-shoots and is most unbecoming!

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