Mail-order mistletoe

So much for blogging daily – this year's mistletoe supply business is keeping me even busier than usual, so am finding it difficult to blog – and to keep up with emails.  There's a big backlog again –  so apols, as usual for this time of year, if you've been writing to me and haven't yet had a reply. 

Today's been a hectic day of harvesting and packing for mail-order mistletoe buyers.  This online buying is getting very popular – with both domestic and commercial purchasers.  Today's retail customers include two weddings (mistletoe is, arguably, the ultimate romantic plant for your winter wedding bouquet and wedding favours) and the commercial customers include a garden centre in Dublin.  Lots of mistletoe to harvest, transport, process into presentable form and then package up.  And that packaging up takes ages…  

Was working with Reg Farmer today – and we keep meeting people who saw us both on TV (BBC Countryfile – see it on iPlayer) yesterday…  This recognition, though welcome at first, can become a little tiresome after a while!