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Events and issues for the 2010 mistletoe season are just beginning to be finalised now – though there are still a few unknowns and a few incomplete mistletoe-flavoured websites.  Here’s a summary so far for those interested, mostly information about issues in Tenbury Wells:

Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auctions: The hot news here is the auctions may be coming back to town.  Nothing definite yet, but we hope to have some confirmation very soon.  Mistletoe devotees will recall the furore caused when the auctions had to move away, following the closure of the old cattle market site in Tenbury Wells.  For the last 2-3 seasons the auctions have taken place in a rural site 4 miles out of town – but they might be back for 2010.  More news on this soon.  Remember you read it here first!

Rival auctions? There’s also a possibility of competition this season – rumours suggest another auction house is planning mistletoe auctions too.  Shocking stuff!  You read that here first too

TEME Mistletoe website: The site where Tenbury English Mistletoe sell English Mistletoe online is just about to get a 2010 makeover.  The slightly frustrating news is that online ordering may remain off (it’s usually switched on about now, for early orders), as the ‘TEME team’ has changed this season and has lost some of its web-savvyness.  I’m working indirectly with them to make sure the website works, and integrates witha postal ordering system using printed order forms.  More on this soon – maybe even this weekend.

Tenbury Mistletoe Festival: Plans are progressing well – and there will be news of this year’s programme very soon.  Key events will be the Mistletoe Queen at 1600, preceded by the Druid procession etc at 1400.  Plus supporting events, and, we hope, shop windows full of mistletoe all along Teme Street.  More soon…

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