Mistletoe and Swine Flu

Swineflu1 Here's an interesting one. Will people avoid kissing under the mistletoe this season because of the Swine Flu scare? Will any official health and safety advice be issued on this? Will anyone take any notice?

Too early to call so far – but the signs are there already; there's an AP story (one version here) already circulating about 'managing risk' of swine flu spread by not using mistletoe at your parties this season. Here's a quote from it:

"Party. Party cautiously," advises Dr. Stephen Morse, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. That means keep things clean, be careful with finger food, forget the punch bowl and maybe even reconsider the mistletoe.

You might think this mistletoe/flu story won't catch on (geddit?) – but it probably will. Rumour is that a popular UK daily is picking it up soon.

Oh well, Just another one to add to the usual kill-joy mistletoe advice offered by officialdom each year. Most years it's safety people worrying (unnecessarily) about mistletoe toxicity or legal advisors warning of sexual harassment claims if you dare to hang mistletoe at the office party. This year it looks like the excuse will be Swine Flu.

Remember, you read it here first!


Now, if you do kiss under the mistletoe, you might want to consider today's Mistletoe Promotion of the Day:

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