Mistletoe Conservation NZ-style

Still working on website – just uploaded more redesign, one last batch to go, then just tidying up and checking – a wee bit tiring after a hard day at the office.

But lots of mistletoe happenings around and about – the new Tenbury Mistletoe Festival programme is due to be finalised this evening – which will be exciting – it starts in just 2 weeks time. Arrangments for the mistletoe auctions are now confirmed too – 26th November, and 6th and 13th December – at the old site in Tenbury Wells. These are organised by Nick Champion.

A batch of interesting mistletoe enquiries and news, but my eye is caught by the ongoing New Zealand Mistletoe Conservation story. Weeds and Possum grazing have been choking out native vegetation at Lake Okareka in the Bay of Plenty – and casualties include some of the local mistletoes (Tupeia antarctica and Ileostylus micranthus) . The Rotorua Botanical Society have been clearing vegetation and planting suitable host trees for the mistletoes – for the full story click this link.

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