Mistletoe Day (Dec 5th) at Tenbury Wells: Mistletoe Queen

A brief photo report on the celebrations at Tenbury.  A couple of pics of the Mistletoe Queen etc:

MtoequeenasshouldbeseenHere’s the Mistletoe Queen, Holly King et all with Trevor Harrison (Eddie Grundy).

Confused?  Well, the Mistletoe Queen is a new tradition set up by the Tenbury Mistletoe  Festival a few years ago.  The role is taken on, each year, by the Head Girl of Tenbury High School, with the
Deputy Head Girl acting as her Attendant.  In recent years the Head and Deputy Head Boy have also become involved, as the Holly King and his companion.

Why Eddie Grundy?  Well (I think I already covered this in a previous post) Eddie Grundy, a character in the long-running BBC Radio series The Archers, often sells Ambridge mistletoe in the run-up to Christmas, and even thwarted David Archer’s plans to take mistletoe to the Tenbury Auctions once, so he seems particularly appropriate.  And of course it’s not really Eddie, it’s Trevor Harrison MBE who plays Eddie.  Trevor is a Worcestershire lad – brough up in Stourbridge and now living in south Worcestershire, so he seems even more appropriate.

MtoequeenbusshelterThis year’s Mistletoe Queen is Sophie Merrick, with her attendant Abi Smith.  The 2009 Holly King is Luke Deakin with Graham Thomas as his companion.

Here they all are eating pork rolls in a bus shelter.