Mistletoe Festivities – 26th Nov to 6th December

A bit of blog-free week – too much work on the canal restoration lottery bid front.

But I have had time to do a bit of mistletoe work, – attending a planning meeting for the forthcoming Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival last Wednesday evening. The events begin on Saturday 26th November, with Grand Mistletoe Ball. Followed, in the week afterwards, by mistletoe sales, crowning of the Mistletoe Queen (on Mistletoe Day, 1st December – due to be announced in Parliament soon!) , and Mistletoe Art Exhibitions and workshops. Plus a Rock’n’Roll Concert on the 2nd December.

Lots of Mistletoe people will be in attendence – including Stan Yapp – the Mistletoe Man of Tenbury and members of the Druids’ Mistletoe Foundation. And me of course. Lots to see and do – so do come along…

For more details of all events point your browser at www.teme-mistletoe.co.uk.