Mistletoe given to the River, on National Mistletoe Day

A few pictures from today’s mistletoe ceremony in Tenbury Wells, where we had a multi-faith ceremony organised by the Mistletoe Foundation,  which included the crowning of this year’s Mistletoe Queen Anna Günther, accompanied by the Holly Prince and their respective attendants.

Ending, of course, with the ceremonial throwing of the mistletoe, as a gift to the river, into the River Teme.  This is mistletoe that was harvested just this morning, from the last orchard left within Tenbury town, cut according to druidic tradition – not touching the ground and caught in a hide after cutting.

Giving it to the river means that it still hasn’t touched the ground…

Main pic (click to enlarge) shows the Mistletoe Queen (in green) with Suzanne Thomas of the Mistletoe Foundation, in the act of giving.  The dog belongs to to the head-teacher of Tenbury High School (the Queen is the Head Girl) – and is just making sure it’s all being done correctly.   A few more random pics below:


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