Mistletoe Kisses – links to lessons

The Galaxy 'Mistletoe Kisses' chocolate bar (see blog for Oct 10th) is proving very popular this season – I seem to find it in every shop I visit, though maybe that's just me. 

They've been very clever with some media stories about people's experiences of mistletoe kisses, with similar wording but regionally varying stats being quoted in local papers across the country.  I'll try and get access to the data if I can.

And there are some mistletoe kissing trivia at their website too – worth a look there if you're keen to learn how to kiss and kissing etiquette.  Or you can just watch this video – is that really Boris and David on the bikes at the end?  Boris' hair looks just slightly wrong, but the David C chap looks reasonably convincing, though I assume the graininess at the end is deliberate and intended to help the deception.

For a mistletoe-kissing video with slightly less success for the mistletoe-bearing main character try this version from the streets of Ipswich.