Mistletoe man up a tree

The December issues of the monthlies are out this week – a moment that always makes me a little nervous as my mistletoe work – conservation, management, research and marketing – is usually featured in one or two of them. ¬†And I’m never quite sure what’s being said and how it’s being presented – until I see it.

First to make an impression this season is Country Living – a nicely worded one page piece about the marketing and trading work accompanied by a picture of me up a tree, taken late last winter. ¬†Looking a little bit like an dumpy elf (a bit fore-shortened as my bum is hanging over the back of the branch…) in wellies.

Not quite sure about that ‘Christmas Character’ headline though – by the time Christmas comes round I’ve usually had enough of it – overdosed on too much mistletoe in November and December.

Not quite in Bah, Humbug territory, but getting close sometimes…

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