mistletoe miscellany

A mixed mistletoe day today. Everything from checking obscure refs about turn of the century mistletoe-harvesting pics (don’t ask, unless you are really, really interested…) to modern-day druidic mistletoe events… And a bit more on that mistletoe toxicity stuff from yesterday, or was it the day before?

I won’t go into the picture refs, as it would take an age to explain. But am keen to say more on the Druid event – but that isn’t scheduled until next weekened – so watch this space! It’s the official launch of the ‘Mistletoe Foundation’, founded by the Albion Conclave and the Druid Network (no I don’t who they are yet either). It will be the 6th day of the new moon, apparently an important time in Druid philosophy and linked to the mistletoe harvesting rite. All very mysterious – I shall report when I’ve found out more.

On the mistletoe toxicity front I’ve dusted down my notes on mistletoe medicines, particularly the anthroposophic ones (not that there are many others…) and find that nothing I said on Friday is contradicted. The anthroposophic stuff is all very mysterious (did I say that already?) and I’m hoping for a lot of enlightenment during 2005 via an Open University course I signed up to some weeks ago. It’s on ‘perspectives in complementary and alternative medicine’ but doesn’t start until Feb, so watch this space again. And I haven’t bought the set book yet either, so can’t report on that at all. I just hope I pay attention this time – on previous OU courses I’ve either done very well, or not done at all (ie ‘failed to submit’). It’s a time management thing.

So, not many hard facts to report today – all stuff for the future. There is one piece of news which has pleased me no end – the mistletoe seedling on the apple in the garden (see blog and picture from Nov 7th) has now straightened its new leaves, and looks much more impressive. I had been worried it was unwell, but am reassured. Will add a new photo soon…