mistletoe nonsense already!

Well, a few days ago I mentioned it was another mistletoe bling year – with loads of berries on the mistletoe.

And mentioned that the media always want to know why is it a good year? And pointed out that the answer lies back at least 9 months ago when the flowers were pollinated, possibly further back, when the flower buds formed 18 months ago.

So, what have the Telegraph and the Mail said today? Well, they’ve said it’s due to the current mild November.  Which is so absurdly unlikely it beggars belief.  The Mail even claims that mistletoe hates harsh weather – which seems pretty odd for a plant that flowers and ripens its fruits in December to February.

The only good thing about this level of rubbish, ill-informed and badly researched reporting so early in the season is that things can only get better…