Mistletoe on the One Show

Mistletoe featured on BBC’s The One Show yesterday evening, and you can watch it again here (for a week or two).

The feature is in the last 10 minutes or so of the show (or so I’m told, haven’t seen it myself yet as was out last night and on mobile internet this morning) and includes brief interviews with Suzanne Thomas (Mistletoe Foundation) on mistletoe and druidry, Mark Adams (Kissmemistletoe) on mistletoe harvesting in orchards and myself (Mistletoe Matters and English Mistletoe Shop) on what mistletoe is etc. Whole thing presented by Christine Walkden, the gardening specialist on the One Show.

Overall a good feature (or so I’m told as I’ve not seen it yet) which is very satisfying as I set up most of it. Thanks to Suzanne, Mark and all others involved for their patience, and to Topical TV of Southampton who produced it.



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