Mistletoe selling well, in week 2

(horses, I’m told, like to be kissed on the nose)

A quick update to last week’s comments about relatively few mistletoe lots at the Tenbury Wells auctions.

Much better this week, as expected, with more many more lots and, to quote Nick Champion (the auctioneer) “mistletoe was more plentiful and still met the best trade seen for years”.

So everything’s fine – no need to worry about the mistletoe trade!

Meanwhile there’s a lot of attention being paid to the amount and spread of mistletoe in Britain (and Ireland).

More on that soon, but for now here are couple of pictures of an orchard with too much mistletoe.

More about mistletoe…¬† lots of mistletoe info on the main website here¬†
And, if you want to grow your own, take a look at the mistletoe grow-kits available (and on offer for the rest of this month) to order from the English Mistletoe Shop here.