Mistletoe supply 2012

Following on from the initial, and totally untrue (see posts for 14th and 15th November), press reports (repeated in the Independent yesterday too – muppets!) claiming that mistletoe supply is poor this year and that there are few berries, I thought some reassurance would be in order.

  • Mistletoe for the 2012/13 season is looking good
  • There is no shortage
  • There are plenty of berries
  • 2012’s unusual weather has not been a problem
Mistletoe Crop for 2012 is looking good

Hope that’s settled now.


Don’t believe me? Well, go out and look!!!


And if you don’t know where to look as there’s not much in your area, you’ll have to buy some.  Where do you buy mistletoe? Well, there’ll be none in the shops just yet but you can order online, or make a date in your diary for the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auctions.

The Tenbury auctions are on 27th November, 4th December and 11th December – for contact details and further information visit the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival website.

Online suppliers increase in number every season – the primary ones at present are the same as my posting of 25th October – which were:

All of these supply to individuals, and some do wholesale too.

If you’re just looking for wholesale then you should add

Try not to get too confused by all those ‘English Mistletoe’ brands – the English Mistletoe Shop was first I think (following the old Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise) but imitation is good!