Mistletoe Art Nouveau 4 – New York

New York, New York! – it’s a wonderful town!  Or so I’m told – I’ve never been, but did make a virtual trip over to monitor some more mistletoe art nouveau auctions on Friday.


I had my eye on five items, all 1920s Lalique designs, and all (to me) unaffordable.  But an interesting set, and a curious comparison to those in the Bonhams auction in London on Wednesday.


0259_1_lgThere were three Lalique Gui vases – all the same moulding, but each in a different colour – 259 was described as Plum, and estimated at $3 to $4K – it sold for $3500 after just 2 bids.









0260_1_lgNumber 260, described as Pea Green (not a description Rene Lalique would have liked I’m sure) estimated at $2 to $3K sold at for $1900 after just one bid. 










0403_1_lgNumber 403 described as ‘cased jade green’ (whatever that means) was obviously considered a real rarity – it was estimated at $7 to $9K but remained unsold, after one bid of $3500. 







0351_1_lg_1 There was also a classic Lalique Gui Bowl – in ‘opalescent mint green’.  Estimated at $800 to $1200K this seemed to still be unsold after three bids only amounted to $400.





0215_1_lg And then there was this rather odd thing – an item I’ve never seen before, described as a Lalique jewelry pendant, in a Gui pattern and in a ‘red amber’ colour.  It looks very like some of the modern Lalique Christmas pendants (usually round medallions) but claims to be original 1920s material.  This item closed at $475 (the estimate was $700-$900).







How do these compare to the London auction? 


The Gui Vases

Let’s halve the dollar prices to give a rough indication in sterling – which makes the Plum vase £1750, the Pea Green Vase £950 and the Jade Green one unsold at £1750, and holding out for at least £3500. 


The price differences between colours suggest a lot rides on the colour – Jade Green presumably being rare.   The London Druides Vase (a different mistletoe design) fetched only £480 – which suggests a better market in NY? 


The Gui Bowl

Sterling equivalent – unsold at £200, holding out for at least £400.  The similar London bowl was also unsold – and had also aimed for £400. 


Again a a lot seems to depend on the colour – the one for sale in Chester version only aims for £150 – but it’s a bit shabby compared to the NY one…