Mistletoe Queen 2006

Img_4963reduction Saturday 2nd Dec.  To Tenbury, again.  This time to see attend/help out with the formal opening of the Mistletoe Festival – to be conducted by Julie Felix (who’s giving a concert later) and the newly crowned Tenbury Mistletoe Queen and her assistant (aka Head, and Deputy Head girls fo Tenbury High School).  Here we see Queen and attendant arriving in their mistletoe-shrewn pony and trap.


Img_4982reductionThere’ve been a few hiccups in arrngements for this morning – with some last-minute changes to venues, events etc – but no-one seems to notice, and everything goes off ok.  The town is full (though not as full as last year, when we had Lorraine Chase attending!) and car-parking, that bane of Tenbury, is a little fraught.  Here’s Festival Chariman  Jen Green (in green, on the left) starting things off.


Img_4987reductionHere we have the Mayor, Phil Grove, welcoming all, and expounding on something.  Probably mistletoe.

The Town Band are there too, but hidden behind the podium in most of these pics – you can see some of them in the last pic below).   









Img_4996reduction_1And finally Julie Felix, wearing a hat remarkably similar to the one Lorraine Chase wore last year.

The merry band of mistletoe enthusiasts from last night (Rod from Dereham, and Willem from Utrecht, plus me) are joined this morning by Tyrrell and Elizabeth Marris from Richmond, London.  Tyrrell is a key player in both the Greater London and Richmond Borough mistletoe biodiversity plans.

The mistletoe craft workshops in the Old Fire Station are popular this morning – but I forgot to take any pictures, sorry. 

I’ll end with a Mistletoe Queen and Attendant pic – and add their names soon, when I remember where I wrote them down…