More from Mistletoe Day 2012 at Tenbury Wells

A few more pictures from Tenbury on Saturday, where National Mistletoe Day was celebrated with mistletoe drama, druids, brides, queens and princes.  And the sun shone! (probably something to do with the druids…)

These are just a few pictures as a slide show – excluding those I posted on Saturday evening showing Jake throwing the druid mistletoe into the river after the ceremony (see those in the post below – if it’s not showing click here) .  Other events included the Mistletoe Bride drama enactment – a new street theatre event that hadn’t been tried before at the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival (more details on how it was done here), plus the crowning of the Mistletoe Queen accompanied by her consort the Holly Prince, and of course the druid mistletoe ceremony and gathering organised by the Mistletoe Foundation.

Plus, for those staying all day, the popular Damh the Bard gig in the evening.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what was all that Mistletoe Bride drama about – and, more precisely, what was it based on?  Well, it’s a popular legend of a newly-wed who hides and gets trapped in a trunk on her wedding day – a bit grisly perhaps, but a good yarn too.  I looked into some of its origins earlier this year, visiting some of the alleged locations – I’ll post more about it soon…


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