New season, new survey

Accurate data and statistics on the mistletoe trade, and on how people use mistletoe, are very difficult to come by.

So, this season we’re launching a Consumer Survey about Mistletoe.  It’s not been done before, and results could be interesting!

It’s being called “Mistletoe: Where do you get yours?” and a survey homepage has been set up at . Results will be posted up weekly from the first week of December onwards.  Here’s the blurb from there:

The survey, which should only take a few minutes to complete, collects information on where you get your Christmas mistletoe, and how you use it. We’d even like to know if you use the plastic imitation! 

This survey has been organised to help farmers, orchard managers and others assess our current use of mistletoe – this information should help plan future mistletoe conservation, management and harvesting.

The survey is UK-based, so might not be quite relevant if you live elsewhere.

Survey hosted by the