Rebuilding websites is exhausting… but hey! Mistletoe Day was announced in Parliament!

Another blog-free week, though I have a backlog of stuff to upload, just need to get it in order. (So , if you’re reading this in a couple of days time and there’s no apparent gap in blogging, well, that’s the wonder of submission date manipulation) (If only it worked for academic essays and lottery bids…. have recently failed on one, but succeeded on another).

Anyway, here I am, at the end of what should have been a relaxing weekend, just starting to plan next week. But it wasn’t a relaxing w/end – I spent the entire 2 days restructuring – and I still haven’t finished (take a look, it’s not pretty, but it’s getting there).

Mind you, Caroline was ill with an awful cold, and the weather was, to put it mildly, unhelpful (loadsa wind and rain) – so the tidying of the (very) overgrown garden (sorry neighbours) and that long walk we had arranged for today weren’t really going to happen anyway.

But enough grumbling – it’s mistletoe time! The media are stirring, the Festival is getting close, and the silly season is almost here. The mistletoe seedlings in the (very overgrown) garden are looking good, the berries on mature plants elsewhere are just turning yellow/white…

Media-wise things are getting interesting. We’ve just had Mistletoe Day announced in the House of Commons (in an Early Day Motion – click here for more…), various monthly mags are running stories on mistletoe, the festival etc (inc Period Home, Organic Life, Gardening Which etc). And I’ve been invited to take part in a TV gameshow (!?! no details now, more later!), to bring some seasonal eccentricity. Gotta go, need to start worrying about next week…

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